One of the many aspects I like about this business is the feedback I receive from so many of my customers.  It is so true positive comments are uplifting and they encourage me to continue to provide this product to so many of you who enjoy it. Thank you so much!!!


From Sam: “ I want to shake Linda Weaver’s hand if I  ever meet her. I love your product.” We did meet and thanks for stopping by the Charlottesville Market, Sam.

From Brooke: “Ms Linda. I opened your cheese ball here at the office and you’re a hit everywhere. Thank you for making such a delicious cheese ball.”

From Maggie: “My Friend and I each bought a ball and mine’s already gone. Delicious cheese. I’m completely hooked.”

From Nancy: “…My friends and I thoroughly enjoy them. I find that your cheese ball reminds me of my mother’s spread, and it takes me home. Thank you!

From Sara in New York City: “I went to law school in Charlottesville and my friends and I all loved your product. Looking forward to eating Simply Cheddar again!”

Bryce Reeves, senator, state of Virginia:  ” Wanted to thank you for making a wonderful cheddar ball. Anne and I really enjoyed it.”

Dylan McManus, New York:  “Last year I was showing my art at UVA and stumbled on your product at the local market.  Since that time I have craved your snack on several occasions.  My wife ordered it for me for Christmas.   It was a pleasant surprise. The only problem is fighting my two kittens for a bite.”

Nancy Menke:  “I have been purchasing your cheese balls from Tastefully Yours in Occoquan for months now.  They are delicious and my friends and I thoroughly enjoy them.  Thank you.”

Maggie Horan:  “I tried your Cheddar Cheese ball at Tastefully Yours in Occoquan and it was unbelievable.  My taste buds want to thank you for making your delicious cheese.”