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Simply Cheddar is a cheese ball made of extra sharp cheddar cheeses without using any cream cheese or processed cheeses. Fresh grated onion is used for spice along with red pepper flakes. The cheeses and onion are grated which gives it a smooth texture. Freshly chopped pecans are on the outside.

It is an all-natural product. Chopping and grating the ingredients fresh even enhances the flavor of the product.

Most cheese balls are made with cream cheese and then flavorings are added like cheddar cheese, bacon etc. But this product has only cheddar cheeses.



Simply Cheddar can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks and can be frozen for 6 months.

Freezing it does not change its taste, texture or appearance. It can be frozen in the original packaging because it is double wrapped.

To thaw, leave on counter for 2-3 hours before serving.



It can be served on crackers, bread, sliced pears, or sliced apples. Bring it to room temperature and it becomes spreadable.


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img_1750Share your love of Simply Cheddar Cheese Balls with the ones you love this holiday season. Gift cheese balls to hostesses, family near or far away, colleagues, business associates and more. The cheese balls will be sent in a shippable carton.

Choose between 2 8-oz cheese balls, 1 8-oz an 1 12-oz cheese ball or 2 12-oz cheese balls. Price varies from $24 to $32, plus shipping and handling.

Please be sure to include the recipient’s name, address and gift message (if any) in the Special Instructions field with Paypal.

To arrive for Christmas, orders need to be placed by December 18.



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