• Welcome to Simply Cheddar!

    Simply Cheddar is a cheese ball made with only the finest aged extra sharp cheddar cheeses without using any processed or cream cheese. It has a little onion for bite and fresh chopped pecans on the outside for crunch.

    Simply Cheddar can be stored for a month in the refrigerator and six months in the freezer.

    Buy two - freeze one and use one. Keep a supply for holidays, bowl games, picnics, entertaining or give as gifts.

    There are several ways to serve Simply Cheddar. Serve plain with sliced crisp apples, wheat crackers, or toasted baguette. Drizzle strawberry or raspberry jam over the top and down the sides, then sprinkle chopped nuts on top and serve with crisp apples, wheat crackers or toasted baguette. It's also a natural pair with most any wine.

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